FVD Media releases widgets for FVD Speed Dial (Google Chrome)

The developers of popular FVD Speed Dial browser addon have announced the launch of a bunch of brand-new widgets compatible with it. The widgets are designed to make Speed Dial easier to use as well as to add several new functions to the current ones. FVD Speed Dial is designed to make Internet navigation easier by offering its users a highly customizable speed dial panel for popular Web browsers. With this addon all your favorite sites are literally just one click away from you at any moment. What makes FVD Speed Dial even more valuable is its syncing feature that allows you to view your speed dials on a wide variety of devices. That way, you can enjoy instant access to your dials and bookmarks from your home PC, office computer as well as your smartphone and tablet PC.

Creating quick access dials with FVD Speed Dials is very easy – it literally doesn’t take more than a couple of clicks. The addon also lists your Most Visited and Recently Closed sites to make accessing them possible when you need it. The design of the speed dial panel can be customized in a variety of ways from adding different backgrounds (similar to desktop wallpapers) to changing the number of speed dials per page and managing the way they are organized on your screen.

The new set of widgets can be added to a separate panel in FVD Speed Dial. You can view this panel at any moment by going to your speed dials page and hitting the spacebar on the keyboard. The widgets released by the moment of this publication allow you to:

  • View popular videos from YouTube;
  • Get quick access to browser settings;
  • View the list of recently closed sites;
  • View current time and weather in a location of your choice;
  • Set up a timer right in your browser.

The widgets come as a great addition to the addon’s already sleek interface and make some everyday tasks easier for the users. The developers of FVD Speed Dial plan to expand the functionality of the addon with the help of more new widgets in the nearest future.

FVD Speed Dial https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa

Widgets for FVD Speed Dial - http://fvdspeeddial.com/widgets/catalog.html